Sunday, June 19, 2011

Strange Word Flows

This weekend, I cranked out over 8,000 words on a new nonfiction project in just two sittings (probably my most prolific writing spree yet), but I'm only up another 300 words on my current novella. I guess you can't always tell what's going to flow, and what's not. Tonight, I'm going to put a little more metal to the fiction pedal. (Read: butt plastered to fit ball and fingers to keyboard until bedtime.) The stormy weather will help get me into that dark mood for zombie tales.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Check-in and Haunted Collector

I am about 1100 words up since Sunday check-in. Writing a creepy dream sequence tonight for Eaters: Destination.

I delayed my writing this evening to watch Haunted Collector on Syfy. I really like this show. Unlike Ghost Hunters (which I like too), they edit to focus more on the paranormal events (which are always attributed to some object in the dwelling). Tonight's episode was great. I'm not spooked easily, but I got a chill when one of the investigators was in a bathroom stall at a bar and saw the shadow of feet moving on the other side (though no one else was in there with her, and no actual feet could be seen). The shadow came and stopped right in front of the stall door as if it was waiting for her to come out, or watching her through the door. The bar owner had reported the same thing happening to her many times. The investigators eventually attributed the haunting (which also included events like a fireplace lighting itself, gas burners on the stove turning on, and beer taps flowing by themselves) to a Japanese dynamite blaster that they found in the attic (which may or may not have been involved in an explosion of methane gas in a mine that killed 7 people). Of course, the chief inspector got to take it away add to his collection. How many of us would be brave enough to hang out in his haunted museum with so many objects that have supposedly triggered paranormal activity? As a believer, I'm not sure I could do it. I prefer my fictional supernatural world and vicariously learning about real or 'real' events from the safety of my easy chair with the remote in hand.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

ROW 80 Check-In

I'm baaaack. I had a LOVELY vacation recently. Lots of sun, water, sand, and some seriously needed R&R with DH. So much for the pasty goth skin for this month. No worries--it takes serious effort to keep a tan on me. I come from a very long line of pasty mushroom-skinned Europeans. In the winter, if I was any paler, I'd be translucent.

I am definitely behind on my goal of 500 words/day. This is also due to a couple of nasty migraines again this week. The last one nearly put me in the hospital. I sympathize will all fellow sufferers. It's pain with a capital 'P' and the most misery you can imagine.  I'm only up to about 15.5 k on Eaters: Destination. I will finish it this summer, but I'd rather take my time and make it the best I can, instead of just cranking it out to get it out quicker. Since a good chunk of this story is set in Arizona, I'll also need to do some research to get my geography and climate right. So, I guess my goal is still 500 words/day...but I know I'll be sporadic about it. Some nights I'll do 1,000 and some, none at all (depending on my busy schedule and migraine attacks). Ever wonder what it would feel like to have a zombie eating your brain? I think I know...