Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Crazy Summer of 2014

Long time no write. What's been happening in my life since my last post?
This year, I've had a jam-packed schedule.
*I finished the manuscript for Eaters: Resurrection (Book 3 in the Eaters series) and sent it to Permuted Press at the end of June. (Look for Eaters: The Resistance (Book 2 in the Eaters series) to come out in early 2015!)
*My parents and younger niece visited in July along with the wild and terrifying Freddie, my mom's self-assured poodle. So we had a crazy, fun, full house for most of the month.
*I took a wonderful cruise to the Bahamas with my husband and daughter, spent a couple of sweltering days at Disney World, got to see an old friend in Cape Coral, Florida, and braved a lightning storm on Sanibel Island to scoop up some pretty shells (I was Determined (with a capital 'D') to complete my quest to get on that beach despite the pouring rain.)
*I've been working out more, partially to stave off Father Time but also because being fitter just feels good and the exercise keeps me partially sane.
*I have to say reading has really taken a backseat this year. I've just been too exhausted at night flip the pages and concentrate on a story before zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... I did manage to read a few books this summer: Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crighton, The Witch of Cologne by Tobsha Learner, and The Volsung King by Alexander Renault (a richly detailed, self-published Viking fairy tale written by a colleague that hasn't been released yet). I hope to read more Permuted Press books in the next year.
*Now, I am super busy at work. There's never any down time in the seed business. You always gotta be planning ahead for the next season.

I don't have any more fiction writing planned right now. I always need a breather between books, and since I've been in a more introspective, spiritual mode lately (if you're following  current events in the world these days, it's hard not to look towards Heaven and get a little pensive), I'm not even sure my next book will be fiction. My new website needs to be populated with information, so that's the next task at hand.