Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Zombies Infect Houston Music Scene!

It's been many years since I ventured into a Houston club to watch a metal band with Andrew "C" Schlett. (He was always very kind to protect me from getting too close to the mosh pit!) Now, having recently returned to the old stomping grounds in the Lone Star State, he is the new Editor of Rivethead Magazine, a mag that he wrote for years ago. It started out covering the local music scene but over time has involved into much more. In this month's issue, along with a review of the movie, Heavy in Houston: A Look at Today's Houston Metal Scene, and the new CD by the band, A Bitter Season, he has posted a detailed review of Eaters. (Hey...zombies and heavy metal go together like peanut butter and brain jelly, right?) Thanks, Andy! I appreciate the fine words.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Next Big Thing Author Interview

By Michelle DePaepe: This is THE NEXT BIG THING, an interview meme that's being passed around the world among authors. The deal is, each author who participates answers the questions below, then spurs five of his or her fellow authors to do the same on the following Wednesday. (At this busy time of year, I did not come up with five more authors, but I've tagged two.)

1. What is the working title of your next book?

Eaters: The Resistance (sequel to Eaters)

2. Where did the idea come from for the book?

The original Eaters story came from a nightmare that I had. In the frightening dream, I was holed up in a building with some other people because there were infected people with bizarre and violent behavior roaming around outside and digging through garbage cans. At that point, they hadn't started attacking anyone, so we were staying indoors just as a precaution. My companion told me, "Don't worry. Get some sleep. We’ll be safe in here." I thought, no…no…we're not safe at all. This is just the beginning…

Because there is still an incredible amount to tell about this story, including explaining the origins of the virus and revealing the perpetrators of the apocalypse, it continues in Eaters: The Resistance.

3. What genre does your book fall under?


4. What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?

For the first book, I didn't have actors in mind, but for this one, I found it necessary to put an actual face to the number of characters in it. I've got a notebook of little cutouts of people that I've randomly cherry picked from the Internet. Most of them aren't famous, but George Clooney fits the image of the Black Hawk helicopter pilot, Jake Murtz. I would have a lot of fun casting some of the others, including a macho camacho and a prim philosopher with a fake British accent. Who could be the perfect Cheryl, beautiful but tough? In her younger days, Ellen Barkin would have fit the bill. (She is one kickass chick!) Cherlize Theron is definitely in the running now.

5. What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

When Cheryl Malone discovers that the epidemic that turns people into flesh-eating EATERS was caused by an organized group bent on world domination, she teams up with a group to infiltrate them.

6. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

TBD. Permuted Press has the first right of refusal, but it's not under contract yet.

7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?

 Still in the works. ETA for final draft is March 31st.

8. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead or action stories with a strong female protagonist, and aren't squeamish about blood and violence, you will like Eaters.  

9. Who or what inspired you to write this book?

I've always been a horror fan with a leaning towards the supernatural. I've done ghosts. I've done vampires…but my zombie nightmare steered me down a different undead road. I was encouraged to continue the story and turn it into a series of novels after the success of its initial release as a self-published novella.

10. What else about the book might pique the reader's interest?

I try to make the characters in my story as real as possible. In a post-apocalyptic situation, you're going to have some people freaking out and others who can remain calm and in control. The emotions and personalities run the gamut, and it's important to distinguish between them to give each one a voice. When I hear from readers that they felt so sad about so-and-so dying or disappearing, I know that I've made the characters real for them, and got them emotionally involved in the story. If you read Eaters, I hope that the characters will stick with you long after you've put it down.

I'm tagging Lauralynn Elliott, paranormal romance and horror author and Rachel Fisher, young adult fiction author and 2012 winner of NaNoWriMo. I thank Ryan C. Thomas, horror author, for the tag!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Book Chick City Article

Book Chick City is a top notch blog in the UK, run by Carolyn and Laura, and assisted by a staff of reviewers. They review horror, urban fantasy and paranormal romance, and also post author interviews, recommendations, giveaways and film reviews. For the month of November, they have a theme called, 30 Shades of Zombie featuring women authors who write zombie fiction. For this series, I wrote a guest post for them called, Coveted Occupations During a Zombie Apocalypse. Check out the site where you can read the article and enter to win a free copy of Eaters!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Free Books for Halloween!

EatersThe Last MailmanAutobiography of a Werewolf HunterWinds of Change
Today through November 1st, you can read my book, Eaters, and the other above books from Permuted Press on your Kindle or Nook for free! Visit the Permuted Press website to order.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Book Review - An American Haunting by Brent Monahan

I'd heard of the Bell Witch before reading this novel but didn't know anything about the story. This fictional tale based on historical events is written from the perspective of the local teacher, Richard Powell, who taught the Bell children, including Betsy, who receives the brunt of the torments. The witch has commonly been linked to a curse from the Bell's neighbor, Kate Batts, (I kept picturing Kathy Bates as this character while reading, but Gaye Brown is the actress who plays her in the 2005 movie version.) who was in a land dispute with the patriarch of the Bell family. Although John Bell was excommunicated from the local Red River Baptist Church after being charged with usury, he and his family seem to have been randomly and undeservedly picked for ethereal torment. The spirit's dialogue and antics are humorous at times, but the true horror in this tale is revealed near the end. You will be both saddened and "mesmerized" by the revelation. (In the movie version of this story, there is a modern day opening and ending scene that relates to the 19th century story. It reinforces the fact that evil is often both familiar and right underneath our noses, a fact that should never be ignored.)
(I like to read spooky books in October. My next review will be on Possessed: The True Story of an Exorcism by Thomas B. Allen. This is the story that The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty was based on. I'm reading it at night...with the lights on.)

Book Review - Seeds of War by Rachel Fisher

I can honestly say that I loved this story, and I think you will too. In this sequel to Eden's Root, the story takes an exciting turn for the unknown when the quartet (known as "The Seeders") ventures "topside" to begin distributing seeds and communication equipment to help rebirth civilization. This story will really make you wonder what you'd be capable of in a post-apocalyptic world when life is thrown back to the hazards of the Wild West. If you were attacked, would you be able to kill to save your own life and the lives of others? This important subject is not treated lightly in the book, nor is the evolving feelings that characters have as they face new challenges. Since I'm all about action in my own apocalyptic writing, I tend to gloss over passages that dwell on the feelings and doubts of characters shown in their inner dialogues. On the other hand, I think these scenes are necessary, especially for young adult readers, to understand the implications of moral choices and the depth of emotions that can happen in relationships. This might be a redundant statement, but if you are a fan of the Hunger Games, you will like this story, because Fi will remind you of Katniss. Fi is a true teen warrior, because of her bravery and ability to hang in there when awful things happen that are out of her control. I anxiously await the release of the third book in this series where the members of Eden will be in an all out war with the Truthers and Lobos. There is another anticipated event in that story, but I don't want to dish out a serious spoiler like that here! I would rate this series of books as PG-13 for language and adult situations. (Although there is enough backstory woven in to the sequel for a stand-alone read, I highly recommend reading Back to Eden first to learn more about how the apocalypse happened and see the development of Fi and her relationship with Asher and Sean.) P.S.---I find it interesting that Dr. Andrew Weil has come out with a recipe book called, "True Food". That is a moniker I first encountered in Eden's Root!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Harvest Moon on Sunday - September 30th

   The full moon this coming sunday is called the 'Harvest Moon' because it is the full moon that comes on a date that is the closest to the autumnal equinox. Heralding our descent into the darker months of the year, this low-hanging moon often looks bigger and more reddish than fulls moons look during other times of the year. If you live in the northern hemisphere and are out driving early on Sunday evening, you may want to pull over to ogle it from the safety of the roadside!
   While an enormous harvest moon may seem like an ominous sight, it has traditionally been beneficial to farmers and hunters who used the additional light after sunset to bring in their crops and stalk the fields in order to bring in as much bounty as possible to store up before winter's onslaught.
You can read more about the harvest moon on NBC News.

If the idea of full moons, falling leaves, and whispering handsome spirits make you swoon, you may enjoy reading The Gardener. In this novel, the suave Italian spirit, Alphonso--who once tended Victorian gardens in his former, mischievious life--cleans up Georgia's grandmother's garden by the light of the moon. Here is an excerpt:

      He saw her and stopped, leaning against the rim of the lower tier.  “Signora. You startled me! I was just pondering my next task. Have you seen the vegetable garden? I was about to start on the roses…”
     “I...I just wondered if you could use something to drink.”
     “Lovely. A glass of Chianti...Absinthe...or another libation?”
     She laughed. “I was thinking more along the line of a glass of water or a cup of tea.”
     He walked towards her then stood just a foot away. She smelled earth and sweat on him mixed with the scent of the decaying roses on the arbor above. The sweat on his pale skin glistened in contrast against the cavernous blackness of the circular garden behind him. His eyes were a brilliant verdant green even in the dim light. They mesmerized her.
     A moth fluttered in front of her face. As she shooed it away and broke away from his gaze, she suddenly became aware of his closeness. They were alone in the garden in the dark. The lights next door at Annie’s and Fred’s were out, and she felt...well...not really uncomfortable...but a little strange as she realized how little she knew about this man. An exhilarating sensation of danger mixed with lust rippled through her.
     “Really, Ms. McKenna. I am fine. You are much too early. I would prefer that you wait and see my finished work tomorrow morning.”
     “That Ms. or Ma’am business just makes me feel so old.”
     “Old?” he chuckled. “Do you see that rose bush just beyond the arbor?”
      He made a grand gesture toward a sprawling tangle of thorns six feet tall to her left. In the daylight, she would have been able to see its leaves, reddened by frost and the few remaining drooping blossoms that were somewhere between the color of freshly churned butter and day old champagne.
     “It is called Honeydew. It was bred over a century ago and won many awards in its day. If you could see it in the sunshine next to yourself, one would say that you are much younger and no less beautiful than it.”
     Georgia felt a flush of heat come to her cheeks.
     “You are a bambina compared to the cottonwood trees down by the river. Some of them have been here, I’m sure, for two hundred years or more.”
     “How long have you been a gardener, Daniel?”
     He smiled, a flash of white teeth a mile wide. “A very long time...since before I was born, I think.”

Monday, September 24, 2012

Book Release-Birthday Bash

Weekend before last, we hosted a really fun book release and birthday bash. It was a great excuse to decorate early for Halloween and the only party I ever want black balloons at! There was a gravestone outside with hands sticking up from the soil, a zombie on the door with "Warning - Zombie Crossing" tape draped over it, lots of pretty lights, rats, spider webs, mini pumpkins from the garden, and black roses. I was elbow deep in the seven-layer dip and still in frenzied prep mode when the doorbell rang. "What? It's not six o'clock yet!!!" My jaw dropped when my parents (who said they weren't coming) walked in the door. They secretly made the 1,000 mile trip to surprise me. I guess I come from good stock, because it is probably their love of books that turned me into a reader/writer. There were over 30 attendees, including some kids and a couple of mini zombies. The highlight of the evening was the surprise birthday cakes from  my husband. Both were made by Cakes by Karen. The white cake with blood (raspberry) filling had the cover of Eaters on top and was pretty cool, but the chocolate cake with blood (strawberry) filling was TRIPPY! It was modeled after The Walking Dead 'Bicycle Girl', and I must say that a few of us had a little too much fun putting this cake out of its misery with a very large knife. (In case you are wondering---it tasted a LOT better than it looked. It was quite yummy! The 'brain' was made out of Rice Krispy treat mix.) Every guest who was brave enough left the party with a signed copy of Eaters, and I made no promises that it would help them sleep if they read it at bedtime. Thanks to everyone who came to help me celebrate the book and my birthday!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

2012 RMFW Convention a Howling Success!

The Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Association Colorado Gold Convention ended today, and it was a blast! I haven't been since 2007 when my novel, The Gardener, was a finalist in their writing contest. I'll be sure not to let another 5 years lapse before my next attendance! I went to lots of worskhops on writing and marketing with some of my favorite local paranormal authors including Lynda Hilburn, Jeanne Stein, and Mario Acevedo. One of my favorite speakers was Aaron Michael Ritchey. This charasmatic author was quite witty and shared many of his trials and tribulations with us about his writing journey. However, the author who really had me rolling in the aisles was Jodi Thomas. She is a New York Times and USA Today best selling author and was incredibly entertaining as the keynote speaker. I'm still repeating some of her quips from last night to friends and family (practicing my long-forgotten Texas drawl as I do.) I am also very thankful to Bonnie Ramthun for taking me under her wing as a new member of the group's Published Authors Liason. She was a great help in making me feel welcome. I met a lot of interesting writers, including Kathleen and James-Dean who both love to write and read and boast a collection of 40,000 plus books in their home as well as others who travelled from as far as California or Texas to attend this event. I did seem to be the only horror/zombie apocalypse type writer around. (The cover of my book alone probably scared a few of the little old lady writers in attendance. LOL.) It was also funny to hear more than one person tell me that I don't look like what they'd expect a zombie author to look like. (No spiked hair or facial piercings. Apparently, a couple of tattoos just isn't enough to make you look like a crazed zombie author!) And speaking of zombies, I attended my first official book signing for EATERS at the convention's author signing and book sale, sitting next to author, Lowell F. Volk who writes historical fiction set during the Civil War. (Zombies vs. Civil War. Hmmm...there could be a plot there. Maybe Abraham Lincoln: Zombie Killer ???)

Will I attend the RMFW convention in 2013. Well...after hearing the speaker lineup includes horror writer Ronald Malfi ... odds are looking pretty good.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Midnight in Paris--A Trip Back in Time

One of my good friends, Carolyn Crawford (an AMAZING botanical illustrator) recently gave me a copy of the movie Midnight in Paris. She'd been raving about it for months and begging me to watch it. My husband and I finally saw it last night, and now I understand her insistence! Because we honeymooned in Paris, and I am a writer, we both enjoyed this movie a lot. So much, in fact, we watched it 2 times last night just to catch things that we might have missed first time around. It's possible that they even showed a view of the hotel in Ste. Germain that we stayed in back in 2001. I'm not a big fan of Owen Wilson, but I liked his character in this movie and thought he played it well. Adrien Brody was hilarious as Salvador Dali! (Every time I hear the word 'rhinoceros' now, I'll think of him.)  My interest is also peaked in learning more about Ernest Hemmingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, and other figures from that era. An interesting aside: It was said that my late paternal grandfather looked a lot like Hemmingway in his later years.

So, this movie made me think. If I could go back in time, what eras would I choose to visit?! I don't have any interest in the 1890's or the 1920's (that were featured in the movie). I'd rather spend some time as a lady in the court at Versailles (Marie Antoinette threw some kick ass parties!) before the revolution then literally switch hats and be a spectator at some of the revolutionary meetings. I'd also like to take a trip back to Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco during the "Summer of Love" in 1967 and maybe hang out in that era for a few years, so I could attend some concerts of todays classic rock bands like The Doors, Bad Company, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and early AC/DC. (A litte hedonistic, aren't I?) What era would you go back to visit if you had the chance?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Cover for The Gardener and RMFW Conference

Thank you, Anya Kelleye, for this new cover for The Gardener! If you are a writer and ever need help with a book cover, she's your go-to gal! Even though I really liked my original cover, I think the additional visual of the devious, undead character, Alphonso, is an improvement. One of my top goals this week is to make this e-book also availabe in paperback. I do have some nice cards printed up with the new cover image, and I'm ready to rock at the RMFW conference next weekend. I'm not sure if I'm more excited about all the awesome writer's workshops or the market where I get to sell and autograph paperback copies Eaters. The idea of both gives me goosebumps. If I have learned one thing about writing, it's that you never stop learning how to write better. My only peeve about the conference is that I can't decide between multiple worksops that I want to attend that are going on at the same time. There are way too many good ones, and I hate missing out on knowledge!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Permuted Press .99 Cent Sale!!!

Even if you're still reading Eaters, be sure to stop by Permuted Press for the last day of their $0.99 eBook summer sale.  12 books for just $0.99 each through the end of August 22. It's a swingin' apocalyptic deal!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Only Monsters Get Out of Chores

Scary Gary
Scary Gary by Mark Buford

"As a writer with a yen for gruesome violence, I'm off on another nefarious quest to destroy human lives in print." Somehow, I don't think this line would get me out of emptying the dishwasher at my house. Some day, I will write a story about dishes that multiply exponentially then attack and eat the house inhabitants. Revenge of the Dishes. They're tired of being used and abused...and they're out for blood! It would be justification to write a climatic scene where the heroine creates a device that vaporizes dishes once and for all, freeing all humans from ever having to wash them again.

Friday, August 10, 2012


I have copies of Eaters in my grubby little hands. (Huzzah!)  If you are one of the few that I've personally promised a copy to, it may take a little longer. My employer wants to buy them to hand out to the other employees at work next week, so my inventory has been hijacked. (What are they going to think about that quiet girl who used to work in office #9 after they all read it? I've been trying to warn them :)

I have more books on order from Permuted Press.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's just bloody amazin' to see this book finally in print (paperback, e-book, and audio book now available on Amazon). Thanks so much to everyone that helped along the way!

I wish I could say that I've been doing oodles of writing this summer, huddled over the keyboard at midnight with only a candle for light and forboding music like something from Nox Arcana in the background to set the mood, but it's been so hellishly HOT, the writing has been pretty sporadic lately. (The brain seems to have more haunted thoughts on the 'cool' setting.) I have dilly dallied with some short story ideas and have a decent start on Eaters II. I expect to see more smoke flying from the keyboard as fall rolls around.

I'm going to creep back under my rock now. If you've read Eaters, drop me a post. The good, bad, and the ugly is all appreciated.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Eaters is now available as an audio book on Audible.com and on Amazon.
It was really WEIRD to hear a narrator reading my words in the sample. Don't be fooled by her bedtime story voice in the beginning. This story was born from a nightmare I had and certainly won't lull you to sleep. A big thank you to Permuted Press for making this audio book happen!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Eleven Random Questions

Thank you, Lauralynn Elliott for the tag on Eleven Random Questions!
(I needed a prompt to actually write something on my blog :)

Who is your favorite author? It's a tie between Margaret Atwood and Tanith Lee
What's your favorite color? Today, it's purple. Tomorrow, it might be turqoise or magenta.
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? In January, I'd say Hawaii or Arizona. In July, I'd say Seattle (I miss rain!)
How old were you when you had your first real kiss? 14? (But it doesn't really count 'til it's someone who truly loves you.)
Who is your hero? Anyone who isn't afraid to live life according to their values and passions like this woman: Ilona Royce-Smithkin
Who is the sexiest person on TV right now? Hmmm. Since I mostly watch shows on the Discovery Channel and Science Channel right now, that's a tough one. Smart is sexy!
Who is your favorite vampire? Aidan on Being Human. Dark, brooding,and suffering.
What's your favorite beverage? Coffee
What's your favorite food? Unhealthy=pizza and ice cream Healthy=kale chips and berries
What would be your ideal job? Getting paid to write, paint, and go thrift store shopping
What do people do that annoys you the most? I'm not very fond of narcissists or people who can never think outside their own little box. We're all human beings who look different and have different views. Can't we just peacefully COEXIST?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

7 Lines from the 7th Page Meme

Thanks for the tag from Lauralynn Elliott on the 7/7/7 author game.

Here are the rules:
1. Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next seven lines as they are – no cheating
4. Tag 7 other authors

This is my excerpt from Vampire Music:

As he stared at me, his pupils widened into big cave-like circles, ringed with a sparkle of red and bronze. I wanted to crawl in them and find out what secrets he had hidden inside. Somehow, I knew there were many.

I thought I should turn the conversation back to him, so I wouldn’t dwell on the possibility that his question meant that I looked fat and needed to be on a diet. Before I could think of a subject to talk about, he stole one of my carrots and replaced it with a cookie and asked, “Why are you being so nice to me?”

I'm tagging Rachel Fisher next.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fab Episodes of Walking Dead and Being Human.

Oy. It's 2 a.m. and the sleep just isn't happening. What better time to blog about a light (Blood Lite. LOL.) subject like my favorite TV shows?
The Walking Dead (AMC) season finale on Sunday was intense! My first thought was why the group didn't think to fortify the house. Did they really think they were in some sort of magical safe zone? One of Hershel's lines struck me enough to write it down. "Christ promised a resurrection of the dead. I just thought he had something a little different in mind." Food for thought. There are probably some preppers that are really preparing for a zombie apocalypse/Judgement Day (instead of a pole shift, solar storm, or economic collapse). The CDC has warned us, haven't they? I haven't read the Walking Dead comic book series, so I'm on pins and needles to find out what surprises are in store next season with the new character Mishon and the prison setting. After watching the show Sunday night, I dreamt about zombies chasing me. (That hasn't happened since a year and a half ago when I had the nightmare that led to me writing Eaters!)
Being Human on the Syfy channel also had an interesting episode. I was entranced by the black/white cinematography with the purple wardrobe accents during Sally's dream sequence. The hot pink gerber daisies also made it quite special (insert girly sigh). Conversely, who wasn't grossed out by Aidan's reaction to drinking werewolf blood? His appearance afterwards with the blood streaks running down from his eyes was extra nifty.
I am alternately entertained and horrified by the trend in the media with increased violence, gore, and profanity. It makes me wonder how far the envelope can be pushed. Will we eventually return to Nero's days and be watching live shows with lions tearing apart slaves and gladiators? I'm sure I would be too aghast to tune in for that. Maybe. (We're being conditioned to accept higher levels of titillation every season.)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Undead Situation by Eloise J. Knapp

I just finished reading The Undead Situation from Permuted Press. It's a great character-centered zombie tale that is full of action and doesn't shy away from the violence that zombie genre fans crave. At first, the main characther, Cyrus V. Sinclair, seems like a shallow, unlikeable bastard, but he grows on you and eventually finds his human side (a surprise even to himself.) My only disappointment was when it ended. I definitely look forward to the sequel, because I know Eloise has some more great adventures in store for this unusual character. Crack open a can of sweetened condensed milk, put your favorite warm fuzzy pet on your lap, kick back and enjoy!

View'>http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/4550515-michelle-depaepe">View all my reviews

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Something New to Sink Your Teeth Into! Vampire Music is Now Available.

Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Kristal falls in love with Saxon the first day she lays eyes on him in eighth grade, but someone or something is torturing him, and she fears for his life. When Saxon’s uncle from Romania sends him an electric guitar for his sixteenth birthday, there’s no doubt that he has a beautiful voice to go along with his musical talent, and their relationship is going well until Valentine’s night when he disappears. Dealing with the stress of his disappearance and her parents’ divorce, her own demons begin to drive her into the dangerous arms of anorexia. Three years later, Saxon returns, but he has changed. He’s a successful musician in a band called Dragos; he also wants nothing to do with her. Kristal is heartbroken, but even though her body is weakened, her will is not. She vows to find out the mystery behind Saxon’s changed behavior. Even learning about his dark side is no deterrent to her quest to be with him. On the night of what may be his final concert, they face the greatest challenge to their love...and their continued existence. Neither one is prepared for the showdown with the queen of the Dark Ones.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

Eden's Root

I finished reading Eden's Root by Rachel Fisher a few days ago and just posted the review below on Amazon. I really liked this YA book!

What if one day all the crops just stopped producing? No more food. Of all the possible natural disasters that could threaten mankind, we don’t often think about the catastrophes that we could bring upon ourselves through genetic tinkering with nature. Mike Kelly knows that the apocalypse is coming. As he dies from cancer caused by years of consuming Sickfood, he realizes that his daughter Fi is the only hope to get the rest of his family to Eden, an underground safe haven. Fi is a simple girl who loves fashion and hanging out with her friends, but her life changes in a big way after her father inspires her to do some hardcore training to become a survivalist. This petite fifteen-year-old morphs into a leader whose intellect and cunning make her a true force. Along the long journey with her family and theFamily that they pick up along the way, she learns what metal she is made of and finds true love. You will fall in love with the characters in this story (especially Asher--if you are a red-blooded female--LOL) and miss them when it ends. Eden’s Root will also make you think about profound things like the food you eat and how important your own family and friends are to you. It may also make you think about storing some heirloom seeds and foods in your basement…just in case! I wish Rachel Fisher great success with this story. It was an entertaining read and I’ve already started casting actors in my head for the mini-series!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

One Positive from a Migraine - The Last Man on Earth

Here's a post I started a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post. LOL...

I cried 'uncle' last night, conceding defeat to my aching brain, despite the fact that I wanted to spend some time reading more of Eden's Root and work on a little side writing project I have going.
Migraines suck! I get them several times a month, and sometimes they can last half a day and even bleed over into the next day. Your brain feels swollen like someone has shot a bullet or an arrow into the middle of it, and there's a large volume of blood pressing onto your skull. The worst ones have the added bonus of nausea on top of them. Luckily, this most recent one just involved pain.
Since I usually can't sleep or read when I feel that icky, I often turn on the TV and just listen to it or watch it with my left eye open (with a cold compress covering the right eye where there is the most pain). I don't usually watch much TV, because nothing appeals to me unless there's something good on Discovery or the SyFy channel. (Or it's Sunday night and AMC's 'The Walking Dead' is on.) Last night, in my misery, I was channel hopping and paused when I saw a movie description including the words, zombie vampires. It turned out to be The Last Man on Earth on the TCM channel with Vincent Price. It didn't take long before I realized that this was an early (1964) movie version of Richard Matheson's story, I Am Legend. I've read the book and seen the 2007 I Am Legend movie with Will Smith, but didn't know this movie existed. Watching old black & white movies can be challenging if you're expecting a modern style of acting or great CGI effects. What I did like was that the story was stripped clean with emphasis on each important scene in the plot. Watching this movie was like watching a modern horror movie and then going back and watching the original Night of the Living Dead (Romero, 1968)--intense but quite different from what we're used today. Do you watch old movies? Do you dislike them because you compare them to what's on the big screen these days? Or, do you see nostalgic story value in them and treasure them?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello 2012!

Greetings, cyber darklings and happy new year! I haven't blogged in a while. Life is busy, and I haven't had much to say. I'm still waiting to have news to post about when Eaters will be released as a complete novel (It will include the first two previously published novellas, Eaters: The Beginning and Eaters: Dark Journey, as well as Eaters: Destination). In addition to a paperback and e-book version, there is a chance that it will also be an audio book. Fingers crossed! I'll post any news from Permuted Press here as soon as I know it.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for some good reading material for your Kindle, you might like Eden's Root by Rachel Fisher, my new writer friend. Maybe the only thing scarier than a zombie apocalypse would be an apocalypse created by man's genetic tinkering with our food supply! I'm just a little ways into this book, and it's already giving me nightmares thinking about where the story is going.

Also...if you like scary stories...I mean REAL scary stories...check out The Natural News. I must admit I'm hooked on this site. Although, I hope that many of their stories fall into the conspiracy theory category, I'm afraid that a lot of them don't. Heads up people! It's better to be forewarned than to be a sheeple and not see things coming. See their predictions for 2012-2015 in addition to many positive articles that will help improve your health.