Friday, January 27, 2012

Eden's Root

I finished reading Eden's Root by Rachel Fisher a few days ago and just posted the review below on Amazon. I really liked this YA book!

What if one day all the crops just stopped producing? No more food. Of all the possible natural disasters that could threaten mankind, we don’t often think about the catastrophes that we could bring upon ourselves through genetic tinkering with nature. Mike Kelly knows that the apocalypse is coming. As he dies from cancer caused by years of consuming Sickfood, he realizes that his daughter Fi is the only hope to get the rest of his family to Eden, an underground safe haven. Fi is a simple girl who loves fashion and hanging out with her friends, but her life changes in a big way after her father inspires her to do some hardcore training to become a survivalist. This petite fifteen-year-old morphs into a leader whose intellect and cunning make her a true force. Along the long journey with her family and theFamily that they pick up along the way, she learns what metal she is made of and finds true love. You will fall in love with the characters in this story (especially Asher--if you are a red-blooded female--LOL) and miss them when it ends. Eden’s Root will also make you think about profound things like the food you eat and how important your own family and friends are to you. It may also make you think about storing some heirloom seeds and foods in your basement…just in case! I wish Rachel Fisher great success with this story. It was an entertaining read and I’ve already started casting actors in my head for the mini-series!


  1. That sounds like an interesting book! I might have to put that on my wishlist. Because, you know, my TBR pile isn't nearly big enough....

  2. So many little time! I think you would really dig the romance part of Eden's Root, even though there's no paranormal aspect.