Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Permuted Press .99 Cent Sale!!!

Even if you're still reading Eaters, be sure to stop by Permuted Press for the last day of their $0.99 eBook summer sale.  12 books for just $0.99 each through the end of August 22. It's a swingin' apocalyptic deal!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Only Monsters Get Out of Chores

Scary Gary
Scary Gary by Mark Buford

"As a writer with a yen for gruesome violence, I'm off on another nefarious quest to destroy human lives in print." Somehow, I don't think this line would get me out of emptying the dishwasher at my house. Some day, I will write a story about dishes that multiply exponentially then attack and eat the house inhabitants. Revenge of the Dishes. They're tired of being used and abused...and they're out for blood! It would be justification to write a climatic scene where the heroine creates a device that vaporizes dishes once and for all, freeing all humans from ever having to wash them again.

Friday, August 10, 2012


I have copies of Eaters in my grubby little hands. (Huzzah!)  If you are one of the few that I've personally promised a copy to, it may take a little longer. My employer wants to buy them to hand out to the other employees at work next week, so my inventory has been hijacked. (What are they going to think about that quiet girl who used to work in office #9 after they all read it? I've been trying to warn them :)

I have more books on order from Permuted Press.