Sunday, September 9, 2012

2012 RMFW Convention a Howling Success!

The Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Association Colorado Gold Convention ended today, and it was a blast! I haven't been since 2007 when my novel, The Gardener, was a finalist in their writing contest. I'll be sure not to let another 5 years lapse before my next attendance! I went to lots of worskhops on writing and marketing with some of my favorite local paranormal authors including Lynda Hilburn, Jeanne Stein, and Mario Acevedo. One of my favorite speakers was Aaron Michael Ritchey. This charasmatic author was quite witty and shared many of his trials and tribulations with us about his writing journey. However, the author who really had me rolling in the aisles was Jodi Thomas. She is a New York Times and USA Today best selling author and was incredibly entertaining as the keynote speaker. I'm still repeating some of her quips from last night to friends and family (practicing my long-forgotten Texas drawl as I do.) I am also very thankful to Bonnie Ramthun for taking me under her wing as a new member of the group's Published Authors Liason. She was a great help in making me feel welcome. I met a lot of interesting writers, including Kathleen and James-Dean who both love to write and read and boast a collection of 40,000 plus books in their home as well as others who travelled from as far as California or Texas to attend this event. I did seem to be the only horror/zombie apocalypse type writer around. (The cover of my book alone probably scared a few of the little old lady writers in attendance. LOL.) It was also funny to hear more than one person tell me that I don't look like what they'd expect a zombie author to look like. (No spiked hair or facial piercings. Apparently, a couple of tattoos just isn't enough to make you look like a crazed zombie author!) And speaking of zombies, I attended my first official book signing for EATERS at the convention's author signing and book sale, sitting next to author, Lowell F. Volk who writes historical fiction set during the Civil War. (Zombies vs. Civil War. Hmmm...there could be a plot there. Maybe Abraham Lincoln: Zombie Killer ???)

Will I attend the RMFW convention in 2013. Well...after hearing the speaker lineup includes horror writer Ronald Malfi ... odds are looking pretty good.