Monday, September 24, 2012

Book Release-Birthday Bash

Weekend before last, we hosted a really fun book release and birthday bash. It was a great excuse to decorate early for Halloween and the only party I ever want black balloons at! There was a gravestone outside with hands sticking up from the soil, a zombie on the door with "Warning - Zombie Crossing" tape draped over it, lots of pretty lights, rats, spider webs, mini pumpkins from the garden, and black roses. I was elbow deep in the seven-layer dip and still in frenzied prep mode when the doorbell rang. "What? It's not six o'clock yet!!!" My jaw dropped when my parents (who said they weren't coming) walked in the door. They secretly made the 1,000 mile trip to surprise me. I guess I come from good stock, because it is probably their love of books that turned me into a reader/writer. There were over 30 attendees, including some kids and a couple of mini zombies. The highlight of the evening was the surprise birthday cakes from  my husband. Both were made by Cakes by Karen. The white cake with blood (raspberry) filling had the cover of Eaters on top and was pretty cool, but the chocolate cake with blood (strawberry) filling was TRIPPY! It was modeled after The Walking Dead 'Bicycle Girl', and I must say that a few of us had a little too much fun putting this cake out of its misery with a very large knife. (In case you are wondering---it tasted a LOT better than it looked. It was quite yummy! The 'brain' was made out of Rice Krispy treat mix.) Every guest who was brave enough left the party with a signed copy of Eaters, and I made no promises that it would help them sleep if they read it at bedtime. Thanks to everyone who came to help me celebrate the book and my birthday!


  1. What wonderful cakes! I know you had a great time, and I really wish I could have been there. I wish you lived closer. :(

    Congratulations on everything you've accomplished, Michelle. I'm proud of you!

    1. Some day in the future, they'll have those "beam me up" machines, so we can transport ourselves across the country with the push of a button! Thank you for the congrats :) It's all been crazy fun.