Friday, October 26, 2012

Book Review - Seeds of War by Rachel Fisher

I can honestly say that I loved this story, and I think you will too. In this sequel to Eden's Root, the story takes an exciting turn for the unknown when the quartet (known as "The Seeders") ventures "topside" to begin distributing seeds and communication equipment to help rebirth civilization. This story will really make you wonder what you'd be capable of in a post-apocalyptic world when life is thrown back to the hazards of the Wild West. If you were attacked, would you be able to kill to save your own life and the lives of others? This important subject is not treated lightly in the book, nor is the evolving feelings that characters have as they face new challenges. Since I'm all about action in my own apocalyptic writing, I tend to gloss over passages that dwell on the feelings and doubts of characters shown in their inner dialogues. On the other hand, I think these scenes are necessary, especially for young adult readers, to understand the implications of moral choices and the depth of emotions that can happen in relationships. This might be a redundant statement, but if you are a fan of the Hunger Games, you will like this story, because Fi will remind you of Katniss. Fi is a true teen warrior, because of her bravery and ability to hang in there when awful things happen that are out of her control. I anxiously await the release of the third book in this series where the members of Eden will be in an all out war with the Truthers and Lobos. There is another anticipated event in that story, but I don't want to dish out a serious spoiler like that here! I would rate this series of books as PG-13 for language and adult situations. (Although there is enough backstory woven in to the sequel for a stand-alone read, I highly recommend reading Back to Eden first to learn more about how the apocalypse happened and see the development of Fi and her relationship with Asher and Sean.) P.S.---I find it interesting that Dr. Andrew Weil has come out with a recipe book called, "True Food". That is a moniker I first encountered in Eden's Root!


  1. This sounds interesting. I need to make a note to read this book and the one before TBR list keeps getting longer!

  2. It's a really good story. I'm impressed by this author's intricate story weaving and the fact that she is such a prolific reader too. She reviews a LOT of books on Goodreads. I think I need to take a speed-reading class from her, because I am an avid reader, but a!