Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Crazy Summer of 2014

Long time no write. What's been happening in my life since my last post?
This year, I've had a jam-packed schedule.
*I finished the manuscript for Eaters: Resurrection (Book 3 in the Eaters series) and sent it to Permuted Press at the end of June. (Look for Eaters: The Resistance (Book 2 in the Eaters series) to come out in early 2015!)
*My parents and younger niece visited in July along with the wild and terrifying Freddie, my mom's self-assured poodle. So we had a crazy, fun, full house for most of the month.
*I took a wonderful cruise to the Bahamas with my husband and daughter, spent a couple of sweltering days at Disney World, got to see an old friend in Cape Coral, Florida, and braved a lightning storm on Sanibel Island to scoop up some pretty shells (I was Determined (with a capital 'D') to complete my quest to get on that beach despite the pouring rain.)
*I've been working out more, partially to stave off Father Time but also because being fitter just feels good and the exercise keeps me partially sane.
*I have to say reading has really taken a backseat this year. I've just been too exhausted at night flip the pages and concentrate on a story before zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... I did manage to read a few books this summer: Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crighton, The Witch of Cologne by Tobsha Learner, and The Volsung King by Alexander Renault (a richly detailed, self-published Viking fairy tale written by a colleague that hasn't been released yet). I hope to read more Permuted Press books in the next year.
*Now, I am super busy at work. There's never any down time in the seed business. You always gotta be planning ahead for the next season.

I don't have any more fiction writing planned right now. I always need a breather between books, and since I've been in a more introspective, spiritual mode lately (if you're following  current events in the world these days, it's hard not to look towards Heaven and get a little pensive), I'm not even sure my next book will be fiction. My new website needs to be populated with information, so that's the next task at hand.


  1. There you are! It looks like you've had a VERY busy summer. It's great to take time to have a little fun. And you're right...we NEED to look toward Heaven...a LOT.

    1. Yes. Very busy. And never any down time in our business! Hope you are doing well :)