Saturday, November 6, 2010

Book Lovers Day

Happy November's Book Lovers Day!

You did spend the whole day reading, didn't you? ( neither. There were leaves to rake,
and lots of other chores to do.) But, tonight, especially since we have an extra hour with the time change, I'm going have my nose back inside Carved in Bone by Jefferson Bass (who is actually a duo writing team of Dr. Bill Bass, a world renowned forensic anthropologist and founder of The Body Farm at the University of Tennessee, and Jon Jefferson, a journalist, writer,and documentary filmmaker). So far, it looks like an interesting murder mystery, starting as you might expect, with the discovery of an unidentified corpse.

I rarely go anywhere without a book. Books are like candy. There's so much candy...and so little time! I tend to go for dark chocolate...and dark writing. When I'm ready to start reading a new novel, I only have to go as far as one of my bookshelves to go "shopping". I collect books like some women collect shoes (okay, I have a lot of shoes too), so it's always fun to peruse my shelves to see what I'm in the mood for. I have lot of books in the horror genre, but my collection is pretty eclectic. I wish that I had time to read a new book every couple of days, but two or three a month is more practical, especially since I'm trying to schedule writing time as well. I joked with a friend that it would be nice to multitask in the mornings and read in the shower. She didn't think that was too absurd, since she's mastered the art of reading and brushing her teeth. Hmmm...that might work. I'll 'give it a go' tonight.

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