Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Walking Dead

My jury is still out on AMC's The Walking Dead. I saw the first two episodes and missed the third. Since I've actually remembered tonight that it's on...I'll give it a look again. (I'm all about multi-tasking. Zombies and laundry folding go nicely together!) There are episode summaries on the AMC website, so I'm caught up now on last week's show. I'm impressed that AMC has stepped outside the box with this character-driven horror series. The New York Post recently said that this series could do for AMC what The Sopranos did for HBO. Last week's episode reeled in 5.1 million viewers. In high school, I was on make up crew for Arsenic & Old Lace. It was a lot of fun drawing in wrinkles and applying the thick pancake makeup to my fellow teenage actors. What a hoot it would be to be on the makeup crew for The Walking Dead! Corn syrup, red food coloring, and prosthesis galore. Check out these photos from the show--they give a good idea of the dark plot.

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