Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's Not My Fault

I did not intend to go to a bookstore tonight---really I didn't! Bookstores are dangerous for me. I could get lost in one for hours...and be found days later under a pile of books, dehydrated, starving, and gasping for air. My rescurers would try to dig me out...and I'd say, 'Wait! I haven't finished this chapter yet..." Bookstores are also dangerous for my cash flow. So, as I said, I did not intend to make such a dangerous journey tonight. It wasn't on the agenda at all. But, when I called home to say that the office Christmas party ended early, there was panic on the other end of the phone. Apparently, DH is building some sort of contraption thingamajig for me for Christmas, and there were parts of it all over the house that I am not to allowed to see. I was told not to come home for at least one hour. So, after a quick foray to Target, to finish some Christmas shopping...the used bookstore across the street beckoned me with its seductive orange sign. I must say that I was very good tonight. I only left with two books for my kidling and Love in Vein II (short stories selected and edited by Poppy Z. Brite). But, if I hadn't gotten the phone call with the green light to go home, I might have been bad....very very bad. They had a big paranormal romance section with some wicked looking titles. They also have a good number of horror novels (unfortunately all jumbled in with the thrillers). So many little time. I think I'll have that engraved on my tombstone :)

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