Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thank You Santa!

I figured I'd get a couple of books for Christmas, but Santa was very good to me. (Did he really check his list twice to make sure I wasn't on the naughty list?) I received four hardbacks--The Passage by Justin Cronin, Horns by Joe Hill, Holy Ghosts by Gary Jansen, and Of Love and Evil by Anne Rice. I want to read every one of these and wish I could just download them directly into my brain! (In the future, we'll probably have discs that plug in above our ear and connect directly to our neurons to make that possible. Maybe, we will be able to upload books at night while we are asleep, and process them like a programmed dream.)

In between holiday festivities, I read Lauralynn Elliott's novella, Guardian Vampire, a nice paranormal romance romp with enough rich visceral detail (read: blood, danger, blood, action...) to keep me interested. The models on the cover were also chillingly perfect for the characters in the story.

Now that Eaters: The Beginning is available online, I'm trying to dip my toes into a little PR. I really found this tough to do with The Gardener. But, there are a lot of zombie fan sites out there. So, I'm going to try to go straight to the fan base. Unfortunately, the AMCTV website does not allow posts that are unrelated to their Walking Dead series. Since, at one point, there were fans talking about zombie movies, and there was even a link to an unrelated Christmas parody YouTube video (which was removed 24 hours later) on their chat site, I thought I could mention Eaters. Apparently, the powers that be have some strict gatekeepers trying to keep their site pure 'Walking Dead'. I look forward to watching this show again when the series continues, but I am disappointed with their website and the fact that they chose to fire all their writers right before the holidays. They had a highly successful series going. I'm guessing the writing staff wanted more money, and management figured that the story could carry on with cheaper writers.

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