Thursday, March 3, 2011

Late (No...I'm not Pregnant!)

As I was coughing my way through my progress on the postal machine at work the other day and complaining that I'd been sick for weeks, my co-worker asked with a smirk, "Are you pregnant?" I laughed so hard, Zevia soda almost burst up through my nostrils...from the glass I'd had ten days prior. (God bless her for the humor...I needed it at that moment.) I could also use some humor this week, since my bronchitis seems to be relapsing. Apparently, my immune system isn't fond of the all the working out that I've recently returned to. Have I been to the doctor? Hell no. How could I afford the $40 copay plus some useless antibiotics after my health insurance was just raised 40% !!!! That translates into a week of groceries and a tank of gas less per month that I can afford. I don't blame 'Obamacare' (a step in the right direction) or the mandatory maternity coverage required this year for every creature, male or female, from ages 0-109 in my state (stupid!). I blame the for-profit insurance industry and the unchecked monopolies that insurance companies have within many states. Where are the riots in the streets...the marches on Capitol Hill? I told my husband that we could afford a Hummer (or we could at least be stimulating the local economy a lot more instead of sticking to bargain brands and thrift stores)  for what we pay the health insurance company each month. That's the end of my rant for now. If you can commiserate and want to start a torch-led mob with me...let me know.

So...last night I was so bummed about the health insurance sucking away my financial stability and my stressful day at work, that I lay in bed coughing my way through Ghost Hunters and  Face Off on the SyFy channel (zombie makeup!) instead of doing my ROW80 post for Wednesday...or writing.

Bright news though...I was recently contacted by Eloise J. Knapp for an author interview on her blog site called, 'The Zomblog', regarding Eaters: The Beginning. See the interview here: She is the author of The Undead Situation, a novel that I really look forward to reading. Eaters also has new 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon. Apparently, there are still some formatting/typo issues after a couple of re-uploads. I will check into that ...


  1. I've heard some horror stories about health insurance in the US before. I find it quite shocking really but the healthcare system works quite differently here - although it will probably take a turn for the worse soon. I hope you feel quickly and don't need a doctor's visit. :/

  2. Thank you both for the well wishes. I've laid off working out for a few days and seem to be getting better. Is kickboxing really that bad for the immune system? As for the healthcare, I'm a little calmer now than when I wrote my post, but still upset about our 'sick' system that can take so much money out of our pockets. I feel financially violated.