Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snail's Progress

I'm not 100% sure why I'm stalling so much on the ending of Eaters: Dark Journey. My many theories include: hair-pulling work stress and working on weekends, my main beta reader being out of town, Scott Nicholson's doomsday predictions for indie writers, change of seasons, and the thought that I've just lost some of my momentum. It's quite silly, really. I'm probably just 1,000 words or less shy of the ending and have been for a couple of weeks. Every other night, I manage to pound out a couple of sentences then I fizzle out or decide that I'm brain dead and go to bed. Last Wednesday was the first time that I didn't even check in for ROW80. I'd worked nearly 10 hours that day and just came home and collapsed. Last night, I was determined to make a valiant effort towards wrapping it up, but my head just wouldn't cooperate. I ended up watching The Other Boleyn Sister as I suffered through another migraine. I'm doing okay tonight and hope to make some more progress.


  1. go with the flow - it can't be forced or it may spoil the whole - can you just look at it from a different view - jiggle anything -maybe it's stalled because the bits before need to be rejigged - anyway relax and good luck

  2. I know it's got to be a good story. The first Eaters was awesome. I know work is causing most of this because that's what's stalling me, too. In both of our industries (which, basically, I guess is the same industry), spring is a tough season to do anything else but work. Maybe a little meditating to calm down before starting to write. And a nice hot cup of tea.

  3. @alberta ross - That's true. It can't be forced, but I wonder why I was sailing along so well, and I'm finding the ending so hard.
    @lauralynn - Stress has to be a huge part of it. I worked 9 solid hours today with no break. There's not too many creative brain cells left in the evening. I wish I could just lock myself in a room for a day and "git 'er done". My prime beta reader unexpectedly came back in town yesterday. That does give me a little more motivation. He's rubbing his hands together, waiting to dig in to this story.