Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chugga chugga...

I've been chugging away slowly on my word count every night. My goal is 500 words a night. Sunday = 847, Monday = 453, Tuesday = 580, Tonight = TBD. I really wish I could get closer to 1,000/night. I'd say that I could do it if I had more time, but actually, it would have to be evening time. On the rare day that I have a few extra hours, I rarely choose to write. There's something about sunlight that beckons me to do other things besides write horror. Even when I try, the words just don't seem to flow as well. So, if I ever won the lottery or was able to support myself by writing, I'd still probably write at night. I'd just get all my other stuff done during the day, so I'd be free to do that.

Last night, I added an excerpt  from Eaters: The Beginning to its Amazon page. Of course that took it off line temporarily. It says, 'publishing' now, so it should be live again by tomorrow. I did this at the request of my neighbor. She was one of my beta readers and said this scene included her favorite line in the book.

“Hey!” Ed yelled as he dropped the cigarette and batted the gnarled hand away. “Back off, buddy!”
They surrounded him, closing in like a pack of wolves.
Cheryl panicked. “We gotta do something to save him. Mark…go out there and shoot them!”
But, Mark shook his head. “If I did, the sound of the gunfire might draw attention to us. He was stupid—he shouldn’t have—”
By now, any window of rescue was gone. As the Eaters began ripping and tearing at his clothing, skin, and hair, Ed fell down to his knees and curled up into a defensive position with his hands covering his head.
Cheryl looked away, with tears streaming down her cheeks as they tore him apart, one fistful at a time, like they were the devil’s two-year-olds, and he was a blood-filled birthday cake.


  1. If I could, I would sleep all day and write all night. I'm trying to force myself into a daytime writing schedule and it's been painful. I haven't really been meeting a regular word count so well done to you for keeping at it.

    And that last sentence is some image!

  2. Sleep all an alternate universe maybe. Why is daytime writing so hard? Even if your word count isn't 'regular', as long as you keep at it, it will add up to a finished story. This ROW80 is my first writers challenge. The accountability is a little stressful, but I'm really happy to have 7,091 words on my Eaters sequel done.