Sunday, January 30, 2011

ROW 80 Check-In: Banshees and Guns

Wednesday = 502, Thursday = 789, Friday = 812, Saturday = 873
Well, as you can see above, I'm not quite making the leap up to 1,000 words a night. But, I am moving along a little faster than I was earlier on. I came pretty close to downloading a virus last night as I was searching for a band name online. (Watch out for a site about a band named, Banshee.) I shut down quick and DH ran a scan for me after that. If not for that event late in the evening, I might have made it to 1K. I am half way through the second novella in the Eaters series, and I feel like the pieces are all starting to come together. I'm probably a slower writer than some, because my brain jumps around so much. I often have to back up and fast forward to add scenes and dialogue that pops into my head, then connect the dots after the fact. Hopefully, this makes for an entertaining and unpredictable read that's still cohesive. The main thing I love about writing is getting to indulge all of my interests, and even some that I didn't know I had. DH will scratching his head when the Cabela's catalog comes in the mail and sees me nose deep in the gun section. Even our night out last weekend to watch a rock band becomes fodder for fiction. (But, alas, I get ahead of myself again. That scene won't play out until Eaters: Destination, the last novella in the series.)


  1. There goes your brain jumping ahead again. LOL. You're doing great with your writing.

    Btw, it says "there's an error in this gadget" over at the right side of your blog. I suspect it's the gadget that's supposed to sign up people for emails, because I'm still not getting those. :(

  2. At least you've been writing regularly. :)

    Ooh @ the virus, that's the worst thing about random searches.

    Best of luck in February!

  3. you're doing well - i to love the fact I can indulge my interests and although I haven't got to gun catalogues I have read extensivly about land mines and reading Art of War on my sony reader at the moment