Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eaters: Dark Journey Going LIVE This Week!

Houston...we almost have lift off. The second installment of the Eaters novella series is almost ready to post. I'm confident that the final edits and formatting will be done in a few days, pending the final formatting and some technical edits involving correct gun terminology that I need to clarify with a beta reader. (If he didn't have sleeping kidlings, I'd give him a ring tonight.)

The good news is...I wrote over 1,000 words the other night. The not so bad news is...that it wasn't on Eaters: Destination. I've got another project cooking in the pot on my shoulders, and I had to get some some of it in ink while the inspiration was hot.

I haven't been to the local fiction writer's conference in a few years, and I though I'm tempted by some of the interesting seminars on this year's schedule, I can't decide if it's worth forking up $300 and the white-knuckled highway driving to get there for several days in a row. The first year that I attended, my novel, The Gardener, was a finalist in their contest. It was an amazing experience to meet a couple of agents and attend a dinner with so many other writers where I received my award for placing in the contest. Since I'm into e-book novellas these days, and I don't have a full length novel ready to enter in the contest or pitch to an agent, is it worth it just for the seminars? (I could buy an awful lot of books on writing for that cost.) Me thinks that a good bonus from work this summer might help me make a last minute decision...


  1. My whole lunch hour is going to be devoted to reading Eaters: Dark Journey. :0) Also, if you ever need any gun advice, I have a resident gun expert right here at work. LOL (And I'm really not kidding!)

    I can't wait to see what else is cooking in that dark brain of yours. It's always interesting.:P

    I've never been to any kind of conference like that (except for the little one with Susan, Kait, and Zoe, LOL). I'm not sure if I would enjoy something like that or not.

  2. I've never been to a literary conference, so I don't know anything about that. And hey, so what if you didn't work on Eaters: Destination? At least you were writing something! Props. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Lauralynn,
    I really don't recommend reading any of the Eaters series during a meal :) My neighbor set me straight tonigh on some of the gun types, operation, and ammo stuff that he'd marked when he read it. I told him that for my next book, maybe I should write about a sparkly vampire--it would be easier! The conference was really great when I went a few years ago. The seminars were fun and educational, and it was inspiring to rub shoulders with so many other writers and book lovers. But...$300 plus driving and additional expenses. I dunno yet.

    Thanks, Belinda! I tell myself that too (" least I was writing") Discipline to stick to one project is not easy with all the flotsam and jetsam in my brain.