Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wanted: NotePad for Brain

I'm sporadic on my 500 word/day word count. I'm up to about 3K on my story, though. So, I figure I've got a good snail's start.  A lot of my progress seems to happen in my mind, rather than on paper lately. Don't you hate it when you lie awake in bed at night with ideas for your story racing through your brain, and you tell yourself that you'll jot them down when you get up in the morning or remember them the next night when you sit down to write...but then dreamland and the next days activities kick in...and you completely forget your brilliant epiphanies? I know many writers keep a notepad on their nightstand, but my DH would be a little put off by a blinding light interrupting his sleep, and my body is usually too tired during these brain flashes to get up and make that much effort anyway. Does anyone else have tricks for remembering these moments of insight that can happen late at night or while driving?


  1. It's funny, but I always remember those ideas. I never write them down. I'm so forgetful about everything else, but for some reason, I can remember those sudden bursts of "hey, I need to write this!"

    If you're 3K into your story, you're moving right along!

  2. That's good that you can remember them! You must have internal NotePad. I often lose a lot of those late night inspirations by the time I wake up.

    Yes...slow but moving :)