Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Fever

Sales on Eaters: The Beginning definitely slowed this weekend. Maybe it's the good weather?  I definitely found myself doing more gardening and spring shopping than reading. Although, I sowed few words this weekend, I did sow lettuce in some cute planters outside and got some squash and tomatoes started indoors.

My DH is done with his edits on Eaters: Dark Journey and found very few typos. (Woohoo!)
One half of my other beta readers are done with their reading. So...maybe another week to post. I insist on having this book 'live' in April. (Still a month behind my ambitious schedule.)

That's all for ROW80 check in for now. I gotta do some writing...


  1. Yay on the less than horrendous edit fix in store for you. :D

    I hope the release goes well!

  2. Guardian Vampire peaked on B & N in January and Amazon in February. Sales have been steadily declining. Other authors have been saying the same. So I think the important thing is to put something else out there. I'm trying to time the release of the first book in my new series with summer vacations. That's when Club Blood peaked last year. I've been trying to study those hills and valleys of book sales and trying to time things accordingly. Sometimes the figures make sense and sometimes they don't. LOL

    I think you'll get Eaters: Dark Journey ready to release before April is over. What is your tentative release for the third in the series? (Just asking....)

  3. Yay on fairly clean edit! I'm sure you will be relieved to get it done and out there. I'm sure there are several of us eager to get to the next story in your series.

    Good luck!

  4. Who knows what makes people buy books? I'm still figuring it out. Props to you for having sales that are slowing... I'm trying to get mine to pick up! :D

    Good for you, getting out there and living life.

  5. Hey Claire...thanks for the encouragement!

    Lauralynn--Sales will be 1/2 in April what they were in March. I think 'Spring fever' gets a lot of people outside in April/May doing active things after being cooped up all winter. Then, when summer starts, they have more time to lounge by the pool with their Kindle. LOL.
    DH still keeps throwing out '...and another thing' editorial comments on Eaters II. I may get edited copy back from neighbors tomorrow, and plan to have it online by the end of the month. Eaters III ?? Well...originally I wanted to publish by end of May...but I'd have to put some serious writing metal to the pedal. Mid to late June is more realistic.

    Anya--Thanks! Eager readers spur me on. I may be talking to you soon about another cover idea for Eaters III.

    Hi Belinda! Thanks for stopping by. I wonder if upward gas prices correlate with slower book sales? Just a random thought.