Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ROW 80--Zombies--Being Human

With life so busy, I hesitated on doing ROW80 again. Lauralynn's nudge to be number 100 to sign up made me cave. Since Eaters: Dark Journey is in the hands of beta readers and almost ready to post, I really do need to get going on the final installment, Eaters: Destination. I got cranking tonight and will report in tomorrow.

Are you still following AMC's The Walking Dead? If you are signed up for their newsletter, they are making a token effort to keep interest up until the series begins again with interviews with cast members and production crew. Like Lost, the quiet vacuum between seasons will probably cause some viewer casualties. I did really like this show and look forward to it beginning again.

In the meantime, my new t.v. love is Being Human on Scyfy. I loved the last episode when Josh said (about Sally), "She looks like The Grudge", when she morphed into evil ghost woman about to attack her murderous husband. The end scene was pretty cheesy, though. Can you say 'plot device'? Spoiler: Sally's door to the Other Side appears and Aidan is suddenly attacked by Bishop crashing through a window. Whatever! The season finale is April 11th. I'll be tuned in and hope for a better cliffhanger than Aidan hanging on for dear 'life' with a wooden stake in his chest. Possibly, Aidan's only chance for survival will be to cave in to Bishop's dark side...or drink werewolf blood?


  1. Made you cave, ha ha! :0)

    I think it will be good for you to do this challenge with everyone else. I find a lot of support from the other authors and it really helps me. And there's not a lot of pressure.

    I wish I could watch shows like Being Human and Fringe. But we only have one satellite receiver and my husband and I have to compromise. Luckily, we both like CSI and The Mentalist. And I get to watch Criminal Minds and Hawaii Five-0 (with the gorgeous Alex O'Loughlin who is my favorite vampire from the show "Moonlight"). If only my husband didn't like sitcoms. The only one I really like is The Big Bang Theory. I just love smart, geeky guys! LOL

  2. Hee hee. If it wasn't for being the esteemed #100, I might not have caved to the pressure. I have that new special horned icon for you!

    I really only watch Being Human, Ghost Hunters, and a sporadic ScyFy, History, or Discovery Channel show here & there. If Alex O'Loughlin is who I think he is..."Aye chihuahua!"

    I miss watching movies. I have a very long backlog in my Blockbuster queue. It's hard to find the time to watch many of them when you have a kidling and have to be conscious of content and language in the R movies.