Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Counting on the Superpowers of Oregano

Still singing the sinus blues. Ten days now. A coworker across the hall asked if I was going to live after listening to me hack all day. I'm still trying to avoid going to the doctor to beg for some useless antibiotics, so I went to a health food store tonight and bought some oil of oregano which is supposed to have some serious herbal antibacterial and antiviral properties. I'm counting on that and a few more gallons of hot tea to get me through this soon. As I'm in the final stretch of Eaters: Dark Journey, I'm trying to not let the box of Kleenex and cough drops keep me from writing too much. The biggest bummer is that I haven't seen the inside of a gym now for a week and a half, messing up my 'get back in shape for spring' plan. (Too bad you can't cough off calories. Maybe every cough expends .ooo1 calories, so it adds up to a working off a carrot stick by the end of the day :) For ROW80 Check in: Sunday = 1241 words, Monday = 652, Tuesday = 273. I have definitely set some new writing habits since this challenge started. I may not make my original 500 words/day goal, but it has become a habit to at least do something every night (really sick days and unexpected trips out of town excepted) on my story which keeps it plugging along and fresh in my mind--definitely much more of a priority than it used to be.
Stay tuned for my '10 Clues Your Valentine Might be a Zombie' post coming this weekend.


  1. It looks like you might be averaging 500 words anyway. That's as effective as being super even with your word counts day in and day out (that would be rather dull, don't you think?). Get well soon!

  2. Sorry you feel so bad, Michelle. Feel better soon! You're still doing great with the writing.

  3. Thanks for the well wishes. I think the big wheatgrass shot did me some good today.I'm still under the weather, but hopefully on the mend. The writing(and inspiration for it)comes in spurts, well or not. But that is a good thing. Today's short scene often leads to tomorrow's progress well beyond it.