Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cover in Progress and Testosterone Surge

Not too much to report today. I'm working with a graphic artist to finalize the cover of Eaters: Dark Journey. (Thank you, Anya!) Writing has been a little slow this week. This is busy season at work, and I"m just so brain dead in the evenings sometimes, that it's hard to get the creative juices flowing, and keep my eyes open. Working on the tail end of Eaters: Dark Journey has given me a strange new interest in guns and motorcycles. There's this odd chemical surging through me lately that gives me goosbumps when I see or hear about either. Testosterone? I dunno. But, for the first time in my life, owning a Harley and a rifle sounds like something I might want to do down the line. I can see myself cruising down the road with both, listening to ACDC. Zombies and bad guys...beware!

ROW 80 Check-in: Sunday = 510, Monday = 462, Tuesday = 0, Tonight = ???


  1. Hopefully the cover will be done soon and you can put it up here. It's been fun working on it!

    I'm surrounded by testosterone myself...two guys in my house and they love guns, hot rods, more power! Can you say Tim "The Toolman" Taylor? :D

  2. I like guns, too! LOL

    Michelle, you wouldn't believe the testosterone in Anya's household. And how good looking her husband is.... ;)

  3. I really need to check comments on my blog more often. You two crack me up! Our house could probably use a little more testosterone. My poor (and good looking) husband is surrounded by females and female animals...and one hermaphrodite cat. He's quite outnumbered. I think my testosterone is definitely increasing. I saw a shiny black Harley in front of the gym today and had to stand there and salivate for a moment. Never did that before...