Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kick Butt Harley Cover

It sure feels good to be working out a little bit again. Kickboxing today was a butt-kicker, though. The shiny Harley out in front of the gym made me smile going in and out. I have no idea who owned it, but I'd have to guess it was someone in the heavy grunting (lifting) section.
ROW80 Check-in: I haven't been keeping very good track of my word count progress this week, but it looks like I'm up about 2k. I'm slowing down a little as I'm working on the end of Eaters: Dark Journey. I intend to end it with a big bang and still hook the reader enough with an open ending that will want them to read the last book in the trilogy that comes after this. Anya Kelleye helped me create a fabulous cover! Anyone who needs a good graphic artist for their e-book should give her a shout. I really can't wait to finish this book and take a short break to catch up on some movies and reading while my beta readers give it a whirl. weekend, I'll be at that point.

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  1. Hi, Michelle. I just finished reading Eaters: The Beginning and I loved it. I just launched The where I do reviews of indie zombie books and interviews with their authors. I couldn't find anywhere to contact you but here, so I hope you get this! Please email me at authorknapp at if you are interested so I can send some interview questions over. Thanks!