Sunday, February 13, 2011

I See Dead People...and Light at the End of the Tunnel

Went out to an Indian restaurant for an early Valentine's dinner with my sweetie. Saag Paneer...and Vegetable Korma...yum yum! Eaters: Dark Journey is really on the downhill coast now. I'm narrowing down the final scenes. I didn't plan on taking Friday off of writing, but it worked out, since I did double on Thursday. Sometimes at the end of the week, your work-dead mind just says, "blub blub blub..." and needs a break. My zombie-loving neighbor is asking me daily with if I'm done yet with this sequel. Soon...I keep telling him...soon! It was sooooo....nice here today with weather in the 60's. I enjoyed watching the snow start to melt. Die snow...die! It really did feel like spring, and it's going to for the next few days. (Then, I'm sure Mother Nature will be back in full icy force for another few weeks.)

Here's my ROW80 word count for today's check in:
Wednesday = 515, Thursday = 1039, Friday = 0, Saturday = 517


  1. as I live an unorganised life (being retired) it isn't always the end of the week that mind goes blub blub blub - but sometime or other it will stand hands on hips and say 'enough already'

    keep up the good work - keep smiling

  2. It's really cold here but thankfully, no sign of more snow.

    Sounds like you had a good week all round - taking the occasional day off is essential, at least for me. :)

  3. Go Michelle! :0)

    We've had a couple of warm days in the low 60's. I'm soooo ready for spring this year.