Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eaters: Dark Journey Now on Smashwords

Eaters: Dark Journey is now available on Smashwords and was just submitted to Amazon. I feel both glorious and drained after publishing a new work. It's from all of those end game fingernail-biting hours where I poured over the text to make sure that I got the typos corrected that were pointed out by my beta readers and making sure that I haven't missed something important in the flow of the story. (Thank you so much Lauralynn for all your help!)

Needless to say, I am WAY BEHIND on where I thought I'd be by now on the third novella in this series. Maybe now that Eaters: Dark Journey is finally published, I can give Eaters: Destination my undivided attention.

Another writer (Sorry...can't remember who. Was it Kait Nolan or Zoe Winters?) recently commented that she has theme songs for her novels. For Eaters, mine is "Far From Home" by Five Finger Death Punch. I can't get it out of my head. I love it...but it's driving me crazy! In my mind-movie that song is playing in the background as Cheryl is on the motorcycle, holding on tight to Aidan, and they are driving down a winding mountain road, unsure of their destination or future.