Sunday, May 15, 2011

ROW 80 Midway? Where Does the Time Go?

I can't believe it's the midpoint! Tsk...tsk. I certainly haven't been making my 500 words/night goal. Details can be found in previous whines (posts). This morning, I had big plans of getting up and writing for a couple of hours before even touching the Sunday paper, but God (or the devil) had other plans for me. I think today was the true 'Friday the 13th'. 
Reason #1 - I woke up feeling like a semi truck had rolled over my head in the middle of the night. The migraines that have been stewing all night are the worst. They have time to simmer and build to maximum pain, so when you wake up...the medicine doesn't kick in easily. I lost most of the day to this one. It was early evening before I felt somewhat normal again. Was there MSG in the Asian salad dressing from the restaurant last night? Inquiring pain-filled brains want to know.
Reason #2 - After stumbling downstairs to make the coffee, hoping the caffeine would help jumpstart the med, one of my cats puked in my kidling's book bag. Seriously...IN THE BOOK BAG. Why was her little furry head even in it? Teachers may not believe 'my dog ate my homework' any more, but will they believe 'my cat puked on my homework'? That was a fun clean up job.
Reason #3 - The other two cats were outside at this point when DH pointed out that one of them had caught a bird--a fledgling sparrow. DH brought it inside. It was a little freaked out, but seemed to be fine. This caused more stress to my woeful head. I've had no luck keeping baby birds alive. We ended up releasing it and forcing all cats to stay inside for the rest of the day. Hopefully, it's parents will come back for it. They were flying around scolding the two cats looking out the window.

I finally got DH to watch Shaun of the Dead with me late last night. He groaned when I suggested it, but he stayed awake through the whole thing and laughed more than once. (Zombie fans can be made!)


  1. put the day in that place of vanishing memories! what is with these cats one of mine rushes indoors to be sick ( a whole garden of greenery out there and she comes in!!!)
    hope this week goes better

  2. Bless your heart! I can so relate to those migraines and yes the ones you wake up with are definitely the worst! Of course when you have one of those is when everything else goes wrong that you have to deal with. Sigh....

  3. I woke up with one of those migraines this morning! I had to take something and go back to bed and sleep about 45 minutes more. I'm glad they understand at work.

    Hmmm. Maybe my husband is right about NO MORE CATS IN THE HOUSE!

  4. Hi Alberta. You gotta love the furballs, though. We put up with a lot of gross stuff for their furry love--things we wouldn't tolerate with humans after the diaper stage. LOL.
    Anya and Lauralyn...sorry to hear that you both get migraines too. They suck a lot of time out of life. I think all the low pressure systems with the turbulent spring weather is not good for the migraine-prone head.

  5. Cat-bird update. I kept our tabby inside for most of two days. Tonight, I searched the perimeter of the yard and didn't see the bird, so I let him out. Ten minutes later, I saw him
    near the patio with the bird's feet sticking out of his mouth. Oh well. I tried to save it. I guess if it hadn't flown away by now or rejoined it's nest, it was a goner anyway.