Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to Skin a Rabbit and Necrotic Tissue

Actual numbers to report tonight. My word counts for the last three days are 557, 524, and 528. If it keeps raining tomorrow, I'll have a big cup of hot tea (or a few) and rack up a bigger number. It's funny what odd research roads my stories take me down. Yesterday, I looked up how to skin a rabbit and 'necrotic tissue'.


  1. Michelle, sometimes you can be very...disturbing. LOL

    Great job on that word count! It sounds like you're gaining momentum

    Btw, my 21 year old son read Eaters: The Beginning and liked it really well. He's going to download Eaters: Dark Journey. It helps when his generous mom buys him a Kindle and a $50 Amazon gift certificate. :0)

  2. Knowing my main market for this series is probably young men in your son's age range, I am intentionally courting that zombie fan base with a certain weird/gross factor. I'm glad to hear that your son like the 1st Eaters. It's always nice to get positive feedback. The gloomy weather lately is definitely helping my word count!