Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So I Lied...(to myself) LOL

Yeah...I'm gonna stick to a 'set in stone' schedule...NOT. Why do I promise myself such things? Getting up early--not an option so far. Staying up late? That still works better for my dark brain. Who can write about zombies at 5am? It was such a damp and gloomy day today; it definitely put me in the mood to get back into the story. I have to wonder how much more writing I'd get done if I lived somewhere like Seattle. Seasons seem to make a difference too. My attention span for writing in spring is sporadic. During the dog days of summer, I just want to hole up in a cool room and read ghost stories. (It gets too hot in the house to sit and sweat at a computer too.) When autumn comes, I get supercharged for writing. In winter, I'm fairly steady. Does anyone else find the seasons affecting them like that? I've been a good girl tonight. 500 words down...and more go before I hit the hay.

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  1. Seasons don't really affect me that much. When I'm in the house, it's hard to differentiate between them. Except, um, when I look out the window in my office and see the birds at the feeder. LOL.

    It's all a matter of self discipline. I have very little of that, but I'm doing better in all areas of my life, including writing.