Monday, May 30, 2011

Better Late...

Is it Monday already? I got the 1-2-3 punch from a migraine again last night, so I am late checking in for ROW80. Since last check-in I've done 500, 200, 600, and 900 words/night.
 Thank you, Lauralynn for the very nice post on life's curve balls and finding ways to anticipate them and get around them. (I can almost picture you on the writer's field...pom poms in hand. The fans in the stadium waving their pens and laptops!) It's so wonderful to have the support when friends and family members don't always "get" what all this obsession about writing is about. Honey...I'm not ignoring you...I'm not being a hermit (well, sometimes I am)...I'm actually WORKING when I'm up here typing. It's a passion. It's what I do. I can't not do it. Also...when I have my nose in a book...that's RESEARCH. Very important stuff...yes...even when it's the latest Stephen King novel...or yesterday's newspaper. So, this brings up the question...does your spouse and/or family support your writing? I'm not saying that mine doesn't, but I don't think they understand that stories have to simmer in the juice of quiet and solitude. In a busy, crazy house with lots of activity, it's often hard to carve that time out. Thus...I write at such late hours most of the time.

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  1. Great word count!

    That's so funny...pom poms in hand. I was really hoping that post wasn't too cheesy. It just all seemed to fit together.

    It's funny you should mention support from family and friends. My husband and I had a discussion about this very thing yesterday. I asked him if he was finally taking my writing seriously since I was making money at it. He said he still considered it a hobby since I didn't go to work somewhere. And I had a full time job. I pointed out that my friend works from home and doesn't "go to work somewhere". I mentioned that I had made over $10,000 already. He still insists it's a hobby because other people make money from their hobby. I said if you make money from it, it's a job. We went round and round. I give up.