Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Time to Re-think Writing Schedule

So here it is...10:19 p.m. I sat down at the computer about half an hour ago, read emails, glanced at some of the blogs I follow...and STILL HAVEN'T WRITTEN A SINGLE WORD (on Eaters: Destination). This is a pretty typical evening. Since I'm more of a night owl than a morning person and my schedule is so busy with work and trying to whip my body in shape for summer...I've always put off the writing until late in the evening. And sometimes...yawn...I'm too tired to even start by then. So, I'm going to have to issue myself an ultimatum. Either, I yank my cranky butt out of bed and write from 5-7am or I have myself a late cup of coffee and do it 10pm-12am. Last night, I tried the late thing and managed to rework the beginning of the story and add 200 words, but doing that sporadically is a far cry from my 500/day word count (1,000 in my insane perfect little world). So...what's the new schedule going to be? I'm going to have to sleep on it. Tonight, I'm going to dig in and stay up late to get my 500 words. (Note: It doesn't take 2 hours to write that little...but I'm including time in those 2 hour periods for warming up the 'ole computer, paying attention to demanding felines, dealing with a wandering mind, allowing for research time, etc.)


  1. I think the best time for me to write is right after I eat dinner. That way, I don't wait until I'm too tired.

    My word count is going to be a little off for a few days. I've been asked to design the program for the memorial service so it can be printed out. Then I'll be spending time with the family. I need to post about it, since I didn't really check in, but I haven't really had the energy....

    What is your projected release date for Destination? I'm trying to shoot for June 1 on my latest.

  2. Right after dinner doesn't work very well when you have a kidling who has homework and reading to do, and chores to finish after kidling is finally in bed. It really is around 10pm before I get me time/writing time. Such is the life of a working parent.

    I commend your strength through this challenging time of dealing with the loss of your friend and the upcoming memorial service. Hang in there! Write when you feel up to it...and give yourself a break when you need it.

    I haven't set a release date for Eaters: Destination. I guess I was originally hoping for early June, but that's not going to happen, due to my lack of a consistent writing schedule and some other things going on. Probably early July?